Waivers at Scan Time!

The two most important aspects of ticketing are 1) a good ticket-buying experience and 2) a smooth check-in process.

Multipass has several ways to scan tickets or look up buyers, and we’re pleased to add a new efficiency tool to this mix: digital signing of waivers at the time of ticket-scanning.

How it Works

If you mark your event to use digital signing, enter some content into either or both of the fields marked “Terms and Conditions” and “Liability Waiver”.

When you scan a ticket on the mobile app it will present a screen with the content you entered, and give the ticketholder an opportunity to sign their agreement with their finger on your mobile device.

We capture the signature, show it back to you, and store it for easy retrieval. It’s still on you to validate that the person is who they say they are, probably via ID, but we have streamlined this part of the flow and have given you the ability to easily retrieve the signed waiver that’s linked to any ticket!

Keep the line flowing and make sure you capture all the signatures you need!

Use Cases

We initially built this to be used by a party bus company. They need people to sign off on some things prior to getting onto the bus experience. It’s important that nobody sneak onboard, and tying the waiver to the ticket scanning flow ensures that this can all happen at one time.

Other use cases include festivals (internet connection currently required), membership events or meetups, and even events where a certain code of conduct must be agreed to for any reason at all.

The Full Package

Multipass is proud to roll out this digital signature feature, maybe the first of its kind. It joins our recent updates that include full payout at the time of ticket sales, a comprehensive platform for managing and automatically paying people who promote your event, our agent referral program, and our membership features. We also have all of the regular features you expect from a ticket platform.

Curious? Check out what we can do for you!