Agent Referral Program

Part of how are we trying to humanize the event ticketing progress is our effort to build our event and membership base organically, using real human connections.

We have created a referral program that rewards people as they introduce their friends and business contacts to the Multipass platform. If you’re part of this program, you’re referred to as a Multipass agent, and it’s a great way to start generating some residual income.

Refer People Who Run Events

If you’re reading this you might be a performer, a networker, or someone who simply attends a lot of events. You know people who run events that we will never directly meet, ourselves. Maybe you run a blog for a particular subculture in your city and you know all of the people in your area who throw events that have to do with that scene. You’re a perfect candidate to be an agent.

Apply to be a Multipass agent and, when approved, we’ll give you a link and a QR code that have your referral code built in, and then that URL is passed through our URL shortener. When you meet people who throw events or have membership needs, share that link or QR code and have them make a free account. You’ll be forever linked to their account and you’ll get paid as they throw events using Multipass.

Events keep their own ticketing funds, credit card fees are paid, and you take home 10% of all Multipass service fees that are generated from events you helped bring in. This applies to all events created by the person you refer as well as any membership service fees. Make the right introduction even just one time and that single introduction might turn into thousands of dollars per year for you.

Refer Other Agents

The odds are good that you also know a lot of performers and social butterflies… people like you. These are also people who know a lot of people who throw events. Some might be in your city, some might be elsewhere in our service areas of the USA and Canada. Keep your eyes peeled and soon we’ll have opportunities in Europe as well.

Once you’re an agent, we provide a second QR code for you that links to our agent information page, with your id baked in, and if you recruit other agents we share the wealth of their sales with you too. (Note: both links we give you attach you to someone’s new account. The difference between the two links is which page you really want them to see first, based on which type of person you’re recruiting).

The same applies as per above: events keep their ticketing fees, we pay your agent friend 10%, and we pay you an additional 5% for introducing us to your friend. Plant seeds of this kind in a few cities and watch Multipass, and your passive income, grow!

Get Paid

At the end of every month, we pay out commissions for all events that are marked as complete and paid out. There is a short period after an event is over where they are not yet marked as complete. We use this period to handle any returns or disputes, but once that is complete… everyone gets paid.

Agents will use the Multipass site to set up a connection to a Stripe account, and we will use this to send your payouts. We never get your bank information or credit cards; we have chosen to leave that in the hands of one of the industry leaders.

We’ve got reports. See what you’ve earned in your lifetime. See how much has closed that you’ll get in the next pay period. See how much is outstanding for events that haven’t closed yet. See who you’ve brought in as event hosts or additional agents. Our aim is to be transparent with our process and have everyone involved feel like they are winning.

Sign Up

We’d love to have you join our team. Visit our Agent page, learn a little more about our offering, and let us know you’re interested!