Membership Features

Last week’s article talked about ticketing features, this one will dive into some of the things we offer that service groups and membership.


Within Multipass, you can set up a “group” for your organization or venue. This is your area where you can set up events and also manage and run your membership.

Within your group, you can set up various documents for your members such as terms and condition, disclaimers, rules, refund policy, and a waiver. If you also run events you can require people to agree to all of your terms both during the checkout process and during ticket scans.

Most groups are not run by a single person. It’s easy to set upmultiple people with varying levels of access for administering your group or events within our system.

Follow and Membership

There are three ways someone can participate in your group. The first is to simply attend a group event that has no membership requirement. If you make an event that has no membership requirements, this can just happen.

The second is for someone to “follow” your group within Multipass, and for many groups this will be enough. While there is no cost to be a follower, you might choose to screen at this level. Within your group you can set up questions that any potential follower has to answer. You can review their answers and choose to accept them into your group, or not. When you create new events you can notify your followers. You can also create special offers for followers for ticket promos.

The third option is paid recurring membership. Your entire business model might revolve around membership (such as the Guitar Mamas in Calgary, Alberta), or you might have a private club where paying members have different standing in the face of local laws. We can facilitate people signing up for your group with payment terms of monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or lifetime. Additionally, you can have multiple levels of membership (basic, VIP, founding member, etc) and each can have its own pricing model.

Events and Tickets

Groups can use the concept of “followers” and “paid members” in their events as well. An event can be marked so as to not even be visible to anyone who isn’t at least a follower, or its existence can be public with key details withheld for only your followers or members.

Specific ticket levels for your event can be marked as “follower-only” or “paid member-only”. If that’s the only type of ticket you offer then you can effectively restrict your events as you see fit. Additionally, you can offer different tiers of tickets, where followers or members can purchase cheaper or better tickets, and a different type of ticket is available to the general public.

It’s easy with Multipass to create promotion codes for specific member types. You might allow members to bring a friend, and have a single-use code that limits a purchase to a maximum of two tickets.

On a related/unrelated note, groups can have affiliates where each affiliate can have their own inbound links for events, with reporting for how many tickets each was responsible for. Event success is driven by marketing and affiliate marketing is a huge piece of this.

At The Door

Our mobile app will let you scan tickets for your events, and as part of the scanning process, we notify you if the ticket belongs to a paid member or not. This is useful if you have an event with a single type of ticket, but members are entitled to a grab bag or some kind of perk at the door.

We also offer the ability to scan to simply validate someone’s membership. This would be useful for free events that have membership restrictions. Both of these types of scanning can also display an image of the member, if your group requires this. If you need to verify that people are indeed the members they claim to be, this is a useful tool.

Members can show printed or digital tickets at the door, or show a personalized access code from within the Multipass app, to validate as members. Additionally, Multipass offers the ability to have physical co-branded cards that you can provide to your members. Each card can be paired to someone’s account (with both QR and NFC) and they feel special when they show up at the door and whip out their membership card for access.


Finally, we offer tools to communicate with your members. From email integration with MailChimp, to text messaging either on a group or event basis, we give you the means to stay in touch.


Multipass can run your event ticketing, and also serve as your platform for membership management. The seamless union of these two features eliminates copy/pasting between multiple independent solutions, reducing headaches and increasing efficiencies.

Let us know if you’d like to schedule a call to discuss your needs. Contact us here!