Agents, Producers, Promoters, Oh My!

There are several ways that people can interact with Multipass; this article breaks some of those down. We’ll talk about event producers, promoters, shoppers/ticket holders, managers, door staff, and agents.

Event Producer

When you create an event on the Multipass platform we call you a producer. It’s your event, you’re producing it, coordinating the talent, marketing, and otherwise.

Most of the time you’ll be the one updating the event information on Multipass, but you might recruit a manager for this as well.

If you run multiple events then you likely also have a group on our platform, to keep information about your various endeavors in one place.


There are two types of managers in Multipass: event managers and group managers.

Event managers have been designated by an event producer to have administrative control over parts, or all, of an event.

Group managers have been designated by a group’s founder to have control over aspects of a group. By extension, this also includes events that have been created by a group. If you are running an organization and want a certain account to easily have access to all the events you are running, you can make them a group manager.


Individuals and groups can sign up to be promoters on Multipass. Promoters help to drive traffic to event pages, and increase ticket sales, and are usually rewarded by sharing in a cut of the ticket sales.

Iin Multipass, promoters can be linked to a specific event but beyond that they may also represent any event in the Multipass system, provided the event opens itself up to being promoted. This is an interesting angle that lets people have a symbiotic financial arrangement, without having met, and with no paperwork between them!

Typically, promoters get paid by an event producer, sometime after the event has taken place. Their payout may be determined by the number of times a given promo code was used, or an inbound link with an affiliate code. Payouts are usually calculated by hand, and a human then has to initiate a payout.

Promoters have to trust that producers will pay them promptly and fairly. Usually this is the case, but sometimes producers mismanage money and getting promoters paid becomes a source of stress or contention.

Multipass eliminates the stress. While event producers get paid in full, up front, for their ticket sales, promoters also get paid on a daily basis. Multipass holds back the predetermined payout amount and takes care of all of the cash flow. Producers don’t accidentally spend promoter money elsewhere; promoters get paid.

Door Staff

Door staff refers to someone working the door at an event. They will need to log into the Multipass app with an account that has either producer or manager access.

They can scan QR codes, or Multipass cards, look up names on the ticket list, or sell tickets at the door (using integrated or offline payment).

Shoppers/Ticket Holder

An individual who is shopping for tickets, or has purchased one or more tickets. They will receive a QR code on their receipt page, an email with a PDF version of their ticket(s), and have the ability to retrieve their tickets through the Multipass mobile app or website.


We grow our system through referrals, and do this through our Agent program. As an agent you can help us open doors to new venues and new event opportunities.

As a thank you, you get paid.

Agents are usually well-connected individuals, perhaps even event performers or staff, themselves. They know people. They also know people who know people.

Agents can also recruit other agents. As a thank you for that… you get paid.

This is an opportunity to build residual income, mostly by knowing people and taking a little initiative. Get started here!

Get Involved!

If you throw events we’d love to welcome you as a producer. If you like to spread the word, sign up as a promoter. If you want to help us grow Multipass and build your own income stream, sign up as an agent.

If you have questions about any of the above, contact us and we’d be happy to get you some answers!