Helping Humans

We just made our quarterly donation to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. There is a humility in making donations in secret, but there is also a strength in broadcasting about organizations that we believe in, and that are trying to do good in this world.

The BBRF funds research into schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and more. It was an organization chosen by someone dear to us during her own struggles with mental health. In her memory, we are proud to support the BBRF as they fund research into the working of the human brain, and work to provide relief and solutions to so many of our loved ones who are dealing with this invisible burden.

We have a commitment to donating 5% of all service fees. We chose this route because making donations from company profits is ambiguous and there are ways to mask profits. Our commitment isn’t based on profit, this is happening simply because there are transactions.

Experience Humanity

We want to be humans in a world that’s increasingly digital. We want to help you experience events that are organized, run, and coordinated by humans. We want to provide you with customer service, and for you to leave knowing that we care about your experience. We want to do this with fair service fees, leaving you feeling good about your purchase.

We want to help people experience the humanity around them, through the creation of experiences or art, classes, talks, and more. We also want to do our part to help the health of humanity.

Mental health concerns are on the rise. The BBRF is working to advance research into the collective well-being of the hearts and minds on this planet. Please check out their site and consider them if you are looking to make a donation to a worthy cause.