Promoters and Street Team

Multipass is happy to announce a new feature that’s easy to deploy for your Multipass events: Promotion.

We’ve made it easy to let you set your event up for cross-promotion, and for others to list and advertise it. Additionally, you can selectively choose individuals or specific groups/businesses/venues that can co-promote your event.

What Does This Look Like?

When you mark your event as promotable you can specify a percentage payout anywhere from zero to 100 percent. If someone else lists your event, or uses an inbound referral link with their promoter id, and tickets are sold then they will earn that percentage of your ticket value.

When the event is paid out, the amounts that you owe to your promoters will automatically be deducted from your payout. Once a month we payout promoters and they will receive their funds. This takes all of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and helps automate and streamline your promotion team!

Two Ways To Choose Who Can Promote

When you run an event there are two ways you can promote your event.

The first way is to simply let anyone who has a qualified promoter account on Multipass promote it. This puts your event into a list of promotable events and anyone who wants to promote it can do so. It will still be credited as your event, you will still get the ticket payout, but your exposure will increase. If you offered a commission we will take care of paying your promoters for any sales they generate.

If the promoter has their own group/business/venue page on Multipass then it will show up on that page. If the promoter doesn’t have their own page on Multipass they can still link to your main event page with their own unique promoter link and the sales will be tracked in the same way. This is a great way for a venue to promote a producer’s event, for multiple producers to team up, or for a single producer to reward their event talent or street team for driving sales.

The second way to promote your event is to explicitly invite people to promote it, without opening it up to the entire Multipass promoter population. You can invite people specifically by email address, or easily invite anyone who has previously promoted an event for you. As per above, promoted events can show up on their page, or have traffic driven via promoter-specific event links.

Once you have promoter relationships established you can also choose to increase a payout percentage for strategic partners or promoters. This might let you offer 5% to the public, but 25% to your performers. You have control over these numbers.

How to be a Promoter on Multipass

There are three things that have to take place for you to promote events on Multipass.

The first is that we need a way to pay you. We’ll do this by setting up a payout relationship via Stripe. This is initiated via our site and we step you through it.

The second step is that you have to choose events to promote. Some events might be available to all promoters on Multipass and you can pick any or all of them. For other events you can coordinate with the event producer so that you can be invited to promote their event.

The third step is the one that will make you money. Do the work to get people to your promoter page on Multipass, or get your promoter link in front of people online. When people click your link or buy tickets through your promoter page you’ll get credit! When the event gets paid out you’ll see a credit due for you, and we pay out our promoters on a monthly basis.

It’s Easy, Really Easy

As an event producer, letting your event be promoted by others is a great way to extend your reach and fill your seats. We handle the money side of things including payouts, and Stripe issues 1099s to anyone that receives money.

As a promoter, pick the events you want to promote, then be your own social self. Tell others, get some tickets sold, and watch money show up in your Stripe account, and a day or two later in your bank account.

It’s easy to promote with Multipass and we look forward to working with you!