A Social Business Opportunity

We want to grow Multipass organically, largely through referrals from people that believe in the way we do business. We have low fees, fast support, and an emphasis on keeping as much humanity in the ticketing experience as possible.

Social friends, this means that we want you, and we want to reward you for the networks you have built in your event-life. Already know you want in? Sign up here!

A Connected Country

The world is getting smaller, we’re more and more connected. Multipass is based out of Denver, Colorado, but our friends and events are everywhere.

Through festivals, concerts, and more, friendships are now extremely geographically-diverse. You know people who throw events in Seattle, or Vermont, or Miami. Moreover, you know people in these places that, in turn, know a lot more people in those places.

Most of these places are using Eventbrite or HoldMyTicket, and most of them have some level of frustration with these platforms. Multipass was built to deal with those frustrations and to add additional value over and above what our competitors offer. These include 100% payouts, promoter networks/payout tools, electronic waivers, and rock bottom service fees.

Help your friends have a better event experience, and save your other friends money as they attend! In the meantime, let us throw you a bone…

The Opportunity

Our Agents program is designed to help you make introductions on our behalf, and get paid for doing so.

The short of it is:

  • Send your agent link/scan a QR to someone who needs a ticket platform for their event. You are now their referral agent, and any time we collect a service fee, you get a cut.
  • Send your link/QR to someone who knows a lot of people, maybe in another city where you have less reach and they have a lot. They get paid for business they bring in, and you get paid for recruiting them!

These programs currently pay out commissions for life, subject to a very low “new business per year” threshold. We pay when we collect service fees, and we payout daily; you see immediate results. Our programs are subject to change, but you lock in the terms we offer when you join, so get in on our best offer, early!

Types of Events

If you introduce a small event to Multipass, it’s easy, automatic, and we appreciate it! You get paid and we get paid too. Agent payouts are based on service fees, and our service fees are low. This means that we’re tempting you with the power of passive, automatic income.

Your referral is linked to the account that referred. If they do more events, you’re along for the ride. If they own a venue with regular shows, or do large monthly or quarterly events, then those numbers can add up for you quickly.

Large, singular events like festivals also leverage the power of numbers. One referral can turn into hundreds of dollars, or perhaps thousands, and as long as they’re still with us, you’re building an income stream!

Get Started

Are you well-connected as a DJ, a performer, a venue-host, or just an avid event-attendee? Call us at 720-761-8113, sign up here, or email and we can go over some more of details and potential upsides.