The Multipass Blog

Multipass is a membership management and ticketing company that wants to have a soul.

Instead of just being rectangles of information on a page where transactions happen, we want to put a human face on the experience. Our customer service is one part of that; this blog will be another.

Events are more than a name. People put their heart and soul into their art, their music, their business ventures, their causes. We want to share a bit of that with you, to capture and reflect their personality and give you a taste of what’s to come. We want to help you feel the humanity of those throwing events.

In addition to spotlighting upcoming events on our blog, we’ll occasionally have reports from events after they happened. We’ll also share new features and Multipass site/app improvements in its own section.

Lastly, it would be disingenuous to pretend we don’t live in a social media age. You as event producers need social content, and we do to. Give us a little of your time and we’ll give you some content you can can even as we share the same. Sometimes we’ll write articles, sometimes we’ll do video interviews, and sometimes we’ll do short video snippets that can be used for stories or TikTok.

We’re excited about this blog. We’re excited to try to bring a feeling of humanity back to the event ticketing process.