Funding Your Event

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was invited to an event that is soon to take place. He had introduced them to Multipass, specifically for our advance payout options, and they were excited to use a new, fairly priced, ticketing platform and to leverage this feature.

One of their lead members resisted, and eventually they chose to use another major ticketing player. This is fine, we’re one of many options. Irony and tragedy played out as they sold tickets, but with post-event payout they had no advance budget with which to plan and execute their event. They ended up having to do an additional fundraiser in order to even throw the event they had already sold sufficient tickets for.

This was an unfortunate look, and at the same time it was completely avoidable.

Cash Flow Is King

When you sell a ticket on Multipass, you get that money immediately. You get the full amount of the sale, with our small service fee held back, and the money goes directly into your own account.

Multipass never holds your money, we just help put it in your hands. We may hold back any payouts that you owe to promoters (if you are using our promoter system) but the amount you receive immediately is 100% of what you will ultimately get for your sale.

While all of this means that you are responsible for refunds or disputes, it also means that if you get advance sales then you have a working budget to pay talent, decorate your event, gather gift bags, or buy supplies.

In short, cash flow makes all the difference in the world and we want you to succeed in your event by giving it to you as you earn it.

Another Cash Flow Issue

It’s important to budget well for your events. Part of that involves paying your promotion team. It’s easy to see money come in, then use it to throw your event, leaving you short on payout obligations. They do the hard work of getting the word out, and they deserve a smooth payout process. You deserve not to have to worry about it either.

Our promoters program automatically holds back payouts you owe your promoters, and pays them daily. Every cent that comes into your bank account is yours and you don’t have to keep track of how much you need to hold back.

Promoters don’t have to worry about your cash flow, and neither do you. It just happens, and it just works.

Check Us Out

While we focus a lot of our efforts on giving you the best cash flow, we have a lot of other features that can help you run your event. Several of these are unique to our platform.

Link digitally-signed waivers or terms-acceptance to every inbound ticket. Charge, or don’t charge, for group membership and limit your tickets to group members, or offer special prices to group members. Send text messages with last minute updates to your ticket holders or group members.

We’ve got your back and we’re listening to your needs. That start with cash flow.