Colorado Burn Event Ticketing

We are thrilled to have been the ticketing provider for three regional/renegade Burn events in Colorado in 2022. As a Colorado business with members who are part of these communities, we understand useful-and-required features coupled with frustrations with high service fees on most ticketing platforms. We wanted to offer a better solution.

Colorado Burnal Equinox

Upon launching Multipass, our first live event was the Colorado Burnal Equinox (CBE). Their ticketing needs were pretty basic: collect money, allow transfers, print out a list that could be checked offline in an area without internet. We had this functionality, and much more.

Our event producers and participants loved the ease of use and the reponsivness of the platform developer of Multipass and plan to use it again.

CBE Lead

This was a small event, and the ticketing process was successful. We listened to feedback and built reports and features whenever something came up that wasn’t yet built.


After TTITD, we ticketed the Elsewhence burn event, a significantly larger event than CBE. Reporting needs were higher, transfers were critical (and plentiful!), and we worked with their ticketing lead to deliver a solid experience.

“Ticket to Elsewhence purchased and it was positively seamless. Way better than Brown Paper Tickets!”

— Elsewhence 2022 Customer

Ticket sales spiked in the first minute of availability and the Multipass system didn’t break a sweat. Elsewhence set up various ticket types, some of which were protected by unique codes. Their approach to ticket pricing was to offer a fixed price that included all fees as this kept it simple and clean for buyers. We have three pricing options and this was one of them. They cut transfers off at an announced time and then ran their gate entry from a printed list as well. This event also went off without a hitch.

In supporting the last-minute ticket transfer scramble we learned a few things, listened to feedback from buyers and recipients, and used that feedback to improve our system. The goals are always to streamline everything and we care about your feedback! The founder of Elsewhence was thrilled with this experience and our customer service, offering to pitch us to another large regional with whom they have an affiliation.


Denver DeCOmp 2022 was the largest of the three. Hosted at Reelworks, this annual event had multiple quantity-limited pricing tiers, each dropping on a certain schedule. They also used our app for scanning tickets at the door, and this went extremely well. Our lead developer worked the door for much of the event and, while the Multipass system worked as designed, he saw opportunities to enhance the event management process.

With goals of keeping the buying and entry process as smooth as possible a few more enhancements were made (specifically auto-generated QR codes for purchasing events both with and without promotion codes baked in), and the completion of our door sales functionality with the app. DeCOmp used web sales, even at the door, and a few changes could have provided a better experience for people who didn’t have advance tickets.

[Multipass software engineer] Dan was great and put in lots of extra hours to help us make sure things ran smoothly leading up to and at the event. We look forward to working with Multipass again in the future

Sante – Event Lead, Denver DeCOmp

We met with DeCOmp after the event to debrief and this resulted in the creation of our best-practices article. In it were suggestions for streamlining the door experience, and for working with volunteers. Additionally, while at the event, we spoke with a volunteer coordinator as well as a seasoned volunteer and got wonderful feedback about expectations, accountability, tracking, and coordination. Features resulting from these conversations will find their way into our upcoming product offerings.

More Burn Event Ticketing Features

In addition to the features we have listed above, we have some other features that we’ve added for these kind of events:

  • Physical tickets: basic, designed, holograms, numbered, fancy.
  • Optional required mailing address (required for physical tickets)
  • Name required for each ticket, starting at the time of sale
  • Name required on tickets to receive transfer
  • Agree to event terms and conditions at the time of sale or transfer receipt
  • Event information page available only to ticket holders
  • Communicate last-minute details/changes by email or text
  • Fixed- or variable-priced add-ons for things like art donations, parking, etc
  • Advance interest signup
  • Require accounts prior to signup or don’t, your call
  • Immediate partial payouts for established events
  • Support for USD, CAD with EUR coming soon!

There’s a lot more to our system, of course, but these are some of the highlights for this kind of event.

Lots More to Come!

CBE has chosen to use Multipass again for its 2023 event. Elsewhence has indicated the same for 2023, as has DeCOmp. We’re honored to support our local artistic events and welcome feedback and any suggestions that can help our platform assist you in your event coordination.

Header Image: Center Camp presented by Camp Be, shot by Brandy Ultra